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Textured wool carpets are extremely natural looking products mostly being 100% wool and are available in styles from rib, boucle and chunky or fine loops. They come mostly in natural colours, beiges, taupe and ivory and are available in plain and flecked styles. The textures can add a depth and vibrancy to your floors. However they tend  Wool Loop
to show staining and soiling more readily than cut pile carpets and this is a factor to bear in mind in a busy family home.
 Brintons true velvet Velvet pile carpets are more luxurious in appearance than twist piles and have a smoother, plusher finish creating a sumptuous elegant look and smooth silky feel. This is ideal for rooms in need of a luxurious cosy feel. As with all velvet pile fabrics, a velvet pile carpet will always show shading as a result of the pile
direction being varied by vacuuming and foot traffic. They can vary in depth from fine dense silky short piles to deep ultra thick piles for that added touch of luxury.
Twist pile carpets are produced by spinning the yarn in one direction then twisting two or more in the opposite direction to lock the yarn producing a robust hardwearing quality. We have a huge selection from all major manufacturers in both plain and heathered colours and a range of pile weights.  Fine Worcester Twist
These are a great option for those seeking an economical, hard wearing and easy to maintain style for all around the home.